Human Studios Policies and Guidelines

  • Booking Policy and Cancellation

    All sessions must be booked in advance with your chosen engineer. There is a 2 hour minimum session, as well as a 2 hour fee for no call no shows. Should you need to cancel a session, we do understand. Just ensure you cancel at least 24 hours in advance. If you paid a deposit, you may reschedule without a fee. If there was no deposit, or you choose not to reschedule, the fee is equivalent to 2 hours with your chosen engineer. This will either come out of your deposit or be billed to you.


    Emergency cancellations will be handled on a case per case basis. Clients with an established rapport and consistent work history will be given more leniency.

  • Session Billing and guidelines

    Please arrive to your session 15 minutes early, even if the engineer isn't ready. Your time starts when you are scheduled, not when you arrive, or when the engineer begins work on your project, whichever happens first. This includes setup (for example, setting up drum mics or project templates). Your session ends when the engineer is no longer working on your project, or after 2 hours, whichever happens last.  This includes burning CDs, sending files, or creating backups at your request (more on that below).

  • General Studio Policies and Guidelines

    We want your experience at Human Studios to be productive and efficient, but we also want you to have fun. We understand if you want to bring a guest or two. However, the room limit is 5 people aside from the engineer. The exception to this is with a group that has more than 5 recording members. Should you insist on bringing additional guests, there is a fee of $25 per additional guest per session. This is non-negotiable.


    Music is hard work. So we understand you'll be bringing food and beverages. Absolutely fine. However, we ask that you clean up after yourself. Any cleaning we have to do is billed our normal hourly rate. We make very expensive maids so its in your best interest to do the cleaning yourself.


    You will be on camera the entire time. This is an unfortunate security precaution. Whatever you wish to be kept private, leave at home away from Human Studios. In the case of a theft, whether related to your or not, all surveillance footage will be downloaded from the cloud and turned over to the authorities with our full cooperation in an effort to recuperate any losses. What does this mean? Don't do or say anything that would put yourself in a compromising situation, as we would answer any and all questions posed to us honestly.

  • Amenities - Free and for purchase

    Most of the time, we have small concessions available (candy, drinks, tea). Some are free, like water and basic tea. Here is a list of some of the items generally on hand for sale:


    CDs: $1                                    Coffee: $1                                 Premium Tea: $1                    Candy: $1                                  Soda: $1                                   Bottled Water: $1


    Energy Drinks: $2           Top Ramen: $1                         Premium Ramen: $2             Lighters: $2                           Notepad: $2                           Pen/Pencil: $1

  • File Storage and Backup Policy

    Human Studios is NOT responsible for the safekeeping of your files. We do however, make regular backups and generally don't delete anything. With that being said, if there is a catastrophic loss of data, it is not our responsibility to reimburse you for time lost, data lost, or any other liability or loss resulting in the loss of data from Human Studios.


    Human Studios does NOT give out full Pro Tools sessions. Ever. We offer 3 alternative options for backup purposes, in order of cost to you.


    Encrypted backup purely for safekeeping: This is free. We backup your entire folder, encrypt our own password into the backup so that only Human Studios personel will have access to said backup.


    Stripped down Pro Tools session. $5 a song. Essentially, all mixing data is removed, plugins removed, and non-audio tracks are removed from the session and saved into a session. This is the most transferable option should you want your tracks mixed elsewhere.


    Trackout: This is billed hourly. Essentially, each track is "bounced" as is with whatever mixing, automation, and effects we have applied, and rendered individually. This takes time, but, if you want to maintain the  current mix to use on your own as well as a backup, this is the best option for you.

  • Behavior Policy

    Be respectful of everyone involved. We have zero tolerance for violence, or even threats of violence. Any breach of this and the session will be abruptly ended without repayment of the deposit.


    While outside of the studio, keep voices reasonable. Have fun, be the amazing musicians and lyricists you are, just remember that the easier you make it on the owner (The Human), the easier it is on you. The neighbors are quite tolerant and supportive, please don't make them regret that.


    The Studio shares the living space of the owner (The Human). This means that when you use the restroom, you'll be going through his home. Be respectful to the people (including children) living there. While in the home, keep the language child friendly. Please also be quiet. The studio is the place to make loud noise, not the home.


    Smoking and Vaping are not allowed in the studio. Step outside. Though Marijuana is now legal, it still needs to be used and prepared outside of the studio. Not everyone partakes and the smell lingers. In the near future a space will be provided for this, but, for the time being, please utilize your vehicles or the Carport.

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