The Human - Owner and Chief Engineer


Almost two decades of audio recording and mixing experience with very distinct attention to detail and creative production. Familiarity with all genres, with a strong focus on production intensive music (modern rock, metal, and hip hop). Specialty skills include realistic drum programming for artists/bands without drummers (or that just want a more "larger than life" drum sound), Synth and orchestral accompaniment, and "radio ready" production.


Rates for The Human:

  • Standard Hourly: $40
  • 4 Hour package: $145
  • 8 Hour Package: $275
  • 16 Hour Package: $525
  • 25 Hour package: $775
  • 50 Hour Package: $1,500




Alex Miller - Guest Engineer


Certified in Pro Tools Audio Production through Berklee's School of Music program. Strong familiarity with Rock and Metal, with experience in acoustic/folk and piano work as well. His engineering approach is to get clean recordings, keep a simple mixing layout, and finish with a big sound, giving your raw vibe a polished and professional listening experience.


Rates for Alex Miller:

  • Standard Hourly: $25

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